Why #hashtag?

So what is the best way to increase visibility on social media? Yes you have it – use the #hashtag.

Why you ask?

Even if you have published the best photo, blog post, video and so on; your audience will not find you by themselves. Using a suitable #hashtag will enable them to find you.


Because Facebook, Twitter & Instagram’s search engine is used comprehensively. As with keyword research for your SEO, you need to look into which #hashtags will work best for you. There are free online tools you can use.

My advice to you would be do only not use the most popular #hashtags – why? Everyone is using them! They have a high search rate yes, but they also have a VERY high competition so the chance of you being seen goes right down.

Why not do some research and create your own unique #hashtag and start by using that on all of your social media posts.