YOU can create a Professional Video

Using video in your business is a VERY powerful tool and now YOU can do it yourself!



Customers are far more likely to buy into your brand if they feel they know it and sometimes a paragraph on your about page just does not cut it. Customers want to know YOU – remember the USP of your business is YOU!

So why not show your customers who you are and what you do with the use of video?

I am going to give you my three top tips for filming your own business video. When creating a video you need to be thinking about it ALL.

Angle Lighting Location

A – Angle. For viewing purposes it is best to have your camera at a landscape angle. If you film it portrait the finished product does not look professional.

L – Lighting. Ensure you have good light on your face, this means ensure light is in front of you and not behind you.

L – Location. I would recommend you film your video in your working environment – it gives your customer an idea of your work but also looks far more professional than sitting on the sofa!

So now you have the basics of how to film your own promotional video get started. Why not contact me for more tips & to learn how I can make your video even more professional.