How did we use video to win a Venus Award?

So… how did we use video to win a Venus Award?


We believe in the power of networking and video, hence why we were up for this award in the first place.

In order for Prysm Group to decide on a winner they wanted the finalists to answer a series of questions, then right at the bottom of the question sheet it said ‘be inventive’.

This was my opportunity to show off what I am truly passionate about. I asked mynetwork to answer the questions on my behalf in video form.

I then compiled ALL of the answers and added myself to the video to send off as my application.

I had brilliant feedback from Lucy Harris, who at the time worked for Prysm, saying she was ‘awesome’ and that they enjoyed the video.

I truly believe my network and the use of video won me this award. So for that I am so grateful but I also want to encourage all businesses to use video in their business to build trust and attract new customers.

There is really nothing as powerful as video.