What We Do 

Marketing for Businesses:

Sometimes, as a business owner it is hard to find time to manage your marketing successfully. This is where we come in. We can help you by taking on your online marketing tasks meaning you can stop juggling and concentrate on what you are good at in your business.

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Video for Business 

Did you know that having a video on your website can increase conversions by 300%. That is before we have even worked on targeting the video to your ideal customer! We believe in the power of aesthetics; not only that we find video the most inspiring way to capture a moment in time, which in turn can capture your target audience. Video is a fantastic way not only to market a product but to show your audience that there is a person behind the business. No matter what your business model, we are sure that a video can help you. Whether it be an introduction video, advertising your products or setting up a ‘Vlog’ to speak to your audience on a regular basis. The possibilities are endless.

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Ribbons Media does not just work with businesses. We can bring some fun to your party or event with our Video Booth.

What is a Ribbons Media Video Booth?
Our Video Booth is something different and new to the market. It is all about you. Allow your guests to record special messages (or songs and dances) for you, as the host. We will then edit this together for you, with a background of your choice then produce as a DVD and downloadable copy for you. The final product is essentially virtual guestbook so not only will you get special messages from your guests, but you get to see them enjoying your special day and you get to keep that forever.